General Social Awkwardness And Trouble With Dating Don't Always Go Together

The stereotypical image of a socially awkward person is someone who's shy and bumbling in their day to day conversations with classmates, colleagues, and strangers, and has an even harder time in their romantic life. They may be so nervous and inarticulate around potential partners that they've never been in a relationship or had any sexual experience.

If someone struggles in everyday conversations it's easy to understand how they could find dating even more difficult. Most of us feel the stakes are higher when we're speaking with someone we're attracted to vs. chatting to a co-worker. Dating also involves sometimes tricky subskills like flirty banter or reading body language for signs of interest.

However, social awkwardness and difficulties with dating aren't always linked. For one, there are plenty of people who feel confident and capable in most social situations, but have a harder time in their love life:

That's pretty common, and again, most of us can wrap our heads around it. But what about people who are jittery and clumsy in regular conversations, but reasonably successful on the dating scene? That makes less intuitive sense. If someone can be charming and confident enough to have a love life, why couldn't they do a seemingly easier task like making small talk at their part-time job?

Here are some reasons:

If you know someone who does well for themselves romantically, but don't get why they're awkward otherwise, hopefully this article explained why. Or if you're feeling down on yourself because you have no problems finding people to date, but have a hard time in everyday conversations, maybe this piece helped clarify some things, and made you feel a bit better.