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If you want to get in touch with me, a.k.a., Chris MacLeod - the site's author, you can do so through the address below.

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Confidentiality / privacy disclaimer about reader emails to me

I keep everything emailed to me confidential, with some rare exceptions that I'll go over in a second. Basically, if you just want to write to tell me some details of how you get nervous at parties you can rest assured I'm not going to blab it to everyone.

I will break confidentiality under certain conditions (I've never had to since starting the site, but there's always an off-chance it could happen): 1) I get information that indicates someone is at imminent risk of seriously harming themselves or others, 2) I get details about a child or dependent at risk of neglect or abuse. In these cases I'll try to contact the appropriate authorities. Even then I'll only share the minimum amount of details needed to keep people safe. 3) I may also have to release private information if I'm legally compelled to, like I get a subpoena asking me to hand over correspondence.

My email host uses strict security measures, above and beyond what you'd get from, say, a free Gmail account. Even then, there's always a tiny chance some outside source could access the data. You may want to keep that in mind if you're concerned about even the remote possibility that something you write me could be seen by third parties.