Privacy Policy

This site is a simple collection of articles without an online store or forum. Nevertheless, here's its Privacy Policy:

Personal information of people who write me

All email addresses, names, accounts of personal experiences, etc., from people who contact me at are kept confidential, with a few exceptions. Any information you share with me is voluntary. If you email me I'll never put your name, address, or other personally identifying information up on

Exceptions to confidentiality include, but aren't limited to, the following situations: 1) I get information that indicates someone is at imminent risk of seriously harming themselves or others. 2) I get details about a child or dependent at risk of neglect or abuse. In these cases I'll try to contact the appropriate authorities. Even then I'll only share the minimum amount of details needed to keep people safe. 3) I may also have to release private information if I'm legally compelled to, like I get a subpoena asking me to hand over correspondence.

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