It's Not Unusual To Dislike Weekends When You're Lonely Or Have Mental Health Struggles

The standard message in society is that people slog their way through the work or school week, then are happy to be free and have fun on the weekend. Not everyone loves weekends though. People who are lonely and isolated, or who struggle with mental health issues, sometimes feel worse during them, and appreciate aspects of the Monday to Friday week. Not only do they find weekends tougher for their own sake, but they add a dose of guilt or self-criticism because they think, "Everyone looks forward to weekends, but I don't like them. What's wrong with me?" I wrote this article to quickly let you know you're not some lone weirdo if you get filled with a vague sense of dread or melancholy whenever Saturday rolls around.

(By the way, I realize not everyone works or goes to classes Monday to Friday, and then has Saturday and Sunday off. But enough people are on that schedule that this topic is worth covering.)

Reasons lonely people can dislike weekends, and not mind weekdays as much

Reasons people with mental health struggles can dislike weekends, and prefer weekdays

What you can do if you find weekends difficult

Long-term the ultimate solution is to make friends or recover from your mental health struggles, but I know that's easier said than done, and certainly not a one-week project (and some mental health issues will never fully go away). Here are some things that may not cure your aversion to weekends, but take some of the sting out of them:

If you're lonely and isolated

If you have a mental illness


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