Some Suggestions To Help Avoid Overwhelm When Browsing The Site's Articles

This site has a lot of articles on it. I don't think there's a way around that. Social skills and human relationships is a topic with more to it than some people initially assume. Some readers have commented that they feel overwhelmed when they first see how much stuff is here, so here are some quick thoughts on how to make going through the site feel more manageable:

Don't feel you have to read everything on this site

Not everything here is going to apply to every visitor.

Don't feel you have to read everything in order

Feel free to jump to the sections that are most relevant to what you want to work on at the moment.

Don't feel you have to read everything right away

It'll take you some time to improve your social skills anyway, so feel free to read the articles you're interested in at a comfortable pace.

Don't feel you have to read everything first before you start applying the ideas in real life

Learn a handful of initial suggestions that you want to try, get out there and use them, and then come back for further advice and clarification as needed. If you try to read everything first you'll just forget most of it anyway, as the information won't have enough context in your life to 'stick' to.

Don't fall into an All-or-Nothing thought pattern where you think, "Well I don't see myself reading and applying every last thing here, so I may as well do nothing at all."

You may still be able to gain noticeable benefits from only using a small amount of the site's content.

Check out this introductory article:

One way to ease yourself into things is by reading this summary piece:

The Main Concepts On

Three of the site's main sections begin with a short summary article that outlines the core practical steps from the section you'll need to implement.

Here they are:

The Main Tasks For Dealing With Shyness, Fears, and Insecurities
The Main Tasks For Creating A Social Life
The Main Tasks For Developing Your Conversational Ability

Here's another article that may get you pointed in the right direction if you're not sure where to begin:

When You Don't Know Where To Start Working On Your Social Issues