Better Social Skills Are Very Nice To Have But Ultimately Optional

One factor in the whole question about whether you should improve your social skills is that while there are tons of benefits to it, when it really comes down to it, someone could technically live their life without doing a lot of socializing.

Someone who did this would have to decide that, a) the benefits of socializing aren't that enticing to them, and b) that the rewards of not interacting with people are important enough to outweigh the inconveniences.

Not socializing undoubtedly goes against the grain of society and is very impractical. Anyone who chooses that path would need to have to have a thick skin against other people's opinions and judgments of them. It could be done though. Most people probably couldn't become complete hermits, but many could pull off a lifestlye a step or two below that.

Without this quick article turning into a guide on how to socialize as little as possible, I can think of a mix of ways people could cut various aspects of the social world out of their lives: