Everyone Has Their Own Social Goals

This is a super short one.

There's a lot of writing on this site and it won't all apply to everyone. Each person who reads this site will have their own social goals, and should pick and choose the advice from here that will help achieve them. One person may read a particular article and feel it will be a key part of solving their problems. Someone else may find the same piece totally irrelevant to them, or even disagree with it.

Some general goals people may have are:

Two people may also have very different values behind their goals. One person may want to change and try to become more of a social butterfly, and see this as a good thing. Someone else may be starting at the same place, but want to stay as they are, and find the idea of becoming more sociable pointless or distasteful. One person may want to fit in more so they can hang out with 'regular' people more, while someone else would consider that going against their nature and selling out for approval.

I think what's important is for everyone to do what they think will make them happiest, and not impose their own viewpoint on other people.