One-On-One Online Counseling For Social Anxiety And Social Skills

Through counseling you can get individual support to help you feel more confident and improve your social life.

We'll work together to address the social areas that are most important to you, whether it's making friends, having better conversations, or feeling less anxious and insecure around people. Working with a counselor is a faster, more efficient way to make changes than trying things on your own. You can benefit from my experience and the research-supported counseling approaches I use.

What are one-on-one sessions like?

We'll speak through video chat, so you can easily talk to me from home or your workplace.

In our first meeting I'll get to know you and learn about the areas you feel you're struggling in, and what you'd like to achieve.

We'll develop a plan to address your most-valued social goals. The plan is just a flexible starting point, and we can tweak it as we go, so it can adapt to any changes in your circumstances or priorities.

I'll give you customized advice and education on things like social strategies, thought patterns, and anxiety-reduction skills. I'll also give you specific feedback to help you improve more quickly. I'll give you written and practical assignments to do between sessions, so you can make progress when you're not just directly working with me.

As your counselor, I'll help you stay motivated and on track.. I'll help you face the necessary, but sometimes challenging, work of pushing yourself beyond what you'd normally do. While you may be asked to step outside your comfort zone to grow, our work together will proceed at a pace that suits you. I'll encourage you to expand your limits, but won't pressure you or make you do anything you don't want to.

As you make progress we'll celebrate your successes and plan next steps for further improvements. Over time you should feel increasingly relaxed and confident at social gatherings, and more comfortable meeting people, expressing yourself, and making friends.

A little about me

I've been writing about social skills on since 2006. I'm a licensed therapist. I have a Master of Social Work (MSW), along with an undergraduate degree in psychology. I've gone through my own struggles with shyness and loneliness, so I know what those challenges are like firsthand. I won't just be sharing textbook concepts I have no connection to.


My current hourly rate is US$100 per session.


Getting started

If you're thinking of working with me please send an email to, briefly telling me what areas you'd like my help with, as well as any questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you.